“On The Good Foot!”

Get on the Good Foot”

james brown

Jack and I have a saying to test how the day is going to go with one another other. We ask the grumpier one…”are you on the right foot or the wrong foot?” So we had to laugh when James Brown danced his way into our date night tonight singing “Get on the Good Foot!” through a random Spotify playlist.

Isn’t it crazy how God can use James Brown, the “God Father of Soul” to remind us of His words in scripture… How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!– Romans 10:15

When it comes to our relationship with God what does it mean to be on the “Good Foot”?  As we walk through life we have a choice to get on the good foot or the bad foot. It’s all about perspective. Are you viewing the world through Jesus’s eyes or the world’s? To be on the “Good” foot is making a choice to see from God’s perspective and accept the identity He has given us & live as a “Good” son or daughter and choose to live on the “good foot”.

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