A New Norm…



Have you ever been in a season of constant change??? I am in that season now and have been for a while. My family has been in this particular season for eight months, (Not that I’m counting or anything). During this time we have sold/moved homes, the only home we have known as a family. We’ve had all four of our children grow up on us unexpectedly 😉 which two of them graduated high school in June, then they both had the audacity to leave us and go to college!!! Haha, isn’t this the goal??? It is! I know that, but it doesn’t change the fact that it has been hard. Our two younger kiddos are juniors in high school and they are busy with school activities and also work. Jack has had an unexpected health issue arise (which he is managing on a daily basis and is doing well). SOOOOO, needless to say this is ANOTHER change. All of this leads us to trying to find a “new norm”. What does that mean? What does that look like? You got me!! I don’t know what that looks like, but HE does! 

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

I have been seeing a lot of Monarch butterflies lately, this morning I was sitting on my back porch and one came up so close to me. I could see the most beautiful colors, orange, yellows, deep dark browns and black. For whatever reason, that butterfly spoke to the depths of my soul. You see, the reality is the Monarchs are here for a temporary season….They are migrating to warmer climates. Their time here, right NOW (in my backyard) is temporal and they will not be here for much longer. These monarchs are born to fly, and know because of the changing seasons that they must prepare for their lengthy journey. This season that we are currently in WILL change, as we are born to fly too!

I’m not gonna lie, this season is wearing me out…I have found myself wallowing in self pity, discouragement, unmet expectations and even slight depression. Ugh, The “D” word! I said it! I hate that I said it but I did! For some reason as it came out of my mouth, I felt a new freedom. I do know that my Daddy wants the ultimate freedom for me so during this season I CHOOSE to continue to find a new norm with Him! So, I ask for forgiveness for being apathetic and allowing myself to stay here. Change my heart, change my perspective, and give me a new hope for a new norm.

So, here I am with a grateful heart, some changes are hard, and we struggle against them. I choose to ask my Daddy to give me the strength and wisdom that I need. He can be counted on when no one and nothing else can! I have to choose to hunger after Him… He promises me, I will be filled. He is the sure source of a grateful heart and an outlook on life that finds the JOY. I choose to invite Jesus into finding a “new norm.”

I pray that if you are in a season similar to this, that you will allow His grace to consume your heart, that you will invite Him into the places that seem so dark and foreign. Let Him give you the ability to fly again!

“Grace, then, is grace,–that is to say, it is sovereign, it is free, it is sure, it is unconditional, and it is everlasting.” ~ Alexander Whyte

Big O’ Hugs,

cynthia ❤



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