This year….2016 ” A Year of Breakthrough”

img_5440A sudden advance in knowledge (or wisdom). I would say that this year I have seen many areas of breakthrough in my life.

  • Trusting and believing that He makes ALL things good and right
  • Life is about the journey, not the destination
  • Our ways are NEVER His ways
  • Just say, “Yes”

When we ventured into 2016 we had no idea of the changes that were to come…life changes, heart changes, forever changes.  Do you ever just ask God, “could you please show us a little glimmer of what this year will look like???”  Then I have to re-think that question because if He had given us a little glimmer, I’m afraid we wouldn’t have said “yes”.

You see, every single thing that He asked of us this year we had to trust and believe that He is for us and He would never ever leave our sides while saying yes to Him. I’d like to call it the Trust Bridge – it’s where you are walking on this old rickety bridge and it’s high above the ground, you have to keep looking up so you don’t lose your focus and as soon as you look down fear immediately starts to creep in and you start to lose focus. So, continue to look up to our good good Father! That’s where trust and faith bring you to believing everything is possible with Him!

The journey of 2016 has been nothing short of living, learning, obedience and experiencing His radical love to us and from others. There is so much in the journey, new life, friendships being birthed, a new found love for people, learning to be authentic, real, and open with our hearts. We continue on this journey as this is not our destination….

Wanting to try to control our lives and plan ahead has left me at a place of understanding that no matter how much I try – He has the ultimate control and best path for our lives.  Most of the time I don’t understand his ways which leads to confusion, doubt and heaviness in my heart. In this, He has shown me that through obedience, trust and faith that He cares about every detail. Even the ones I don’t see! So, most of the time when I am trying to perfect the art of control and planning he has already finished the next chapter and is inviting me in to what he has written and has planned for me. I’ll choose to take His plan over mine any day!

Living a life of “YES”. Ah, the emotions that come with this….excitement, fear, eagerness, wonder, the list goes on and on. One of the most incredible areas of breakthrough for our family has been experiencing joy and abundance through radical obedience. Saying yes and not knowing the exact outcome but trusting and believing because He is a good, good Father leaves us in full anticipation of what’s to come for 2017…

So, here’s to saying “YES” let’s be a people who love each other whole heartedly, unconditionally and a life full of abundance!!!

Happy New Year & Big O’ Hugs,

cynthia ❤


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